Digital Terms of Use

Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council

Online Accounts - Terms of Use

The following represents the terms of use for the Parish Council website and social media accounts. The aims of these terms of use is to provide coherent, co-ordinated and up to date digital communication channels for the Parish Council.

The Test: In concept, the digital channels should reflect the same requirements and styles as are employed for physical noticeboard posts which should be used as a simple test as to the suitability of a post or comment. It is recognised that there is a benefit to engaging with comments on posts and these comments whilst conversational must be aligned to Parish Council standards and views.

Terms of Use:

  1. Administrator rights for the Parish Council website and social media accounts to be limited to the Parish Councillors and the Clerk
  2. All posts are to be factual in nature only. No rumours, hearsay or similar to be posted.
  3. All posts should represent, so far as possible, the views of the Parish Council as a whole and not individuals views
  4. All posts should be written in simple English, be as short and clear as possible and using grammar to reflect the Parish Council as a whole in the third person (e.g. The Parish Council, we, us,)
  5. Interaction with social media comments should be professional and aligned to Parish Council views as a whole and should direct the commenter to raise issues formally with the clerk for wider consideration. Follow up interactions from posts should be limited to the Chair and Vice Chair.
  6. Promotional posts should be restricted to community events only. Promotions for businesses should not be permitted unless agreed by the wider Parish Council as being appropriate.
  7. Resharing content should be limited and posts should be directly written by the Parish Council or other formal bodies such as Government information or ERYC.
  8. The website should be updated with approved meeting minutes as soon as practicable
  9. The social media/website should be updated with meeting agendas as soon as practicable

10. Connectivity between the Parish Councils social media accounts and website should be maintained (e.g. posts to facebook are replicated in twitter and to the website).

11. Posting of pictures should not include people without the express permission of that person/people

12. Correspondence received via social media will be brought into Parish Council meetings during the section in the meeting dealing with correspondence from parishioners

These Terms of Use are to be reviewed at the AGM. Any amendments to be discussed and agreed by the Parish Council with a standard ‘proposer’ and ‘seconder’. Extraordinary reviews to be made if requested by a simple majority of councillors.

Version 1.0 Adopted 21/12/20.